Photo of SkyGuru XC Light, reversible pod harness

SkyGuru XC Light

Lightweight reversible pod harness, ideal for XC and hike&fly pilots


All in one light compact form.

Imagine a paragliding pod harness with a full foam protection, carbon seatplate and ergonomic backpack weighing less than 4.28 kg / 9lb 7oz.

SkyGuru XC Light offers nothing less. This reversible pod harness provides full protection and can be turned into a spacious backpack with one simple move.



photo Made of very durable material with carbon fiber foot rest, adjustable in length and tilt-enabled.

Inflatable aerodynamic point.

Magnets for better closure design and a pocket for the radio.

Extra padded bottom interior for optimal foot movements while pushing the speedbar.


Seat bottom consists of a 15-centimeter foam protector, 12-milimeter thick carbon seatplate and 1-centimeter thick comfort foam. Back protection for the pilot includes 3-7-centimeter firm foam and large aerodynamic airbag.

Seatplate width can be adjusted by adding or removing the 2-centimeter thick firm foam side protection.

Rescue pocket

photo A large integrated bottom mounted reserve pocket is designed for the majority of rescue chutes.

Fitted under the carbon seatplate, it is protected against any deformities due to bodyweight pressure while under a high g-load. Once the handle is pulled in any direction, the container opens fully releasing the rescue chute (as with the best acro harnesses).

An integrated V-bridle attached to shoulder straps ensures the optimal landing position.

The advantage of this system is that it leverages gravity to pull out the rescue chute, which prevents jamming when subjected to a high g-force; plus, to open the rescue container, the handle can be pulled in any direction.

(With many others systems the container has to be pulled sideways, an almost impossible task when dealing with a high g-force, or the rescue handle has to be pulled in a specific direction.)


photo The cockpit is designed for an optimal viewing angle and control of your instruments. The cockpit pocket is spacious enough to fit a few essentials when flying or store your instruments when not used.


The airbag includes two walking pole holders and a large pocket (backpack lid) for the camel bag and other things you won’t be needing during the flight.


photo The harness turns into itself to form its own backpack.

The backpack is designed as a comfortable mountaineering backpack not just as a classic large bag for your glider.

The main compartment is designed for a regular-sized paraglider. The lid cover includes two smaller zip pockets for documents, a phone and emergency kit as well as one larger pocket for the helmet, some extra clothes and a camel bag. The backpack also offers two large side pockets and four extra straps.

The back of the backpack features a 3-7-centimeter firm foam for improved comfort and glider protection. Ergonomic straps and a padded belt offer amazing comfort during long hikes.

The outer shell is made of two layers of water-repellent material for added strength and durability.

Extra safety features

Reflective strips on the outer side provide visibility during late returns in the dark.

Technical details


- Cordura 500 (made in Italy),

- Water-repellentt Polyamid 115 gr/m2 (made in Italy),

- Mouka Tišnov 25mm 10.000N straps (made in Czech Republic),

- Mailon Rapide Inox 6mm carabiner (made in France),

- AustriAlpin buckles (made in Austria),

- YKK zippers (made in Austria).

Size chart

Size Ideal pilot`s height Total weight Remark
S 160-172cm / 5ft 3in-5ft 8in   /
M 170-182cm / 5ft 7in-6ft 4.28kg / 9lb 7oz No more available
L 180-192cm / 5ft 11in-6ft 4in   /

What is in the box?

Every SkyGuru XC Light Reversible Pod Harness includes:

- Integrated backpack,

- Removable cockpit with zip pocket for instruments,

- Double stage speed-bar,

- 15-cm foam protector,

- Closed cells foam back protector,

- Carbon fiber seat plate,

- Carbon fiber foot rest,

- 2 Mailon Rapide Inox 6mm karabiners,

- Rescue handle,

- Integrated rescue V-connection.

Total weight (size M) of only 4.28 kg / 9lb 7oz!

In flight behavior


SkyGuru XC Light pod harness is to a degree more responsive than the average regular pod harness but can be compared to some light models already available on the market.

However, it has a distinct and very cool feature that makes it unique: its responsiveness can be easily adjusted (damped) without changing the distance between the carabiners.