Who are SkyGuru?


Intro Info

SkyGuru is a company that has officially opened for business on the paragliding market in 2013. It started as a hobby: Peter Miklavčič, its founder and designer, has been developing paragliding harnesses and building prototypes for the past nine years.

The production is located at a local facility where other small Slovenian paragliding companies have been manufacturing harnesses for a number of years.

SkyGuru is currently a small division of MR & Co. d.o.o., a company founded in 1999, which manufactures climbing equipment and offers printed and digital publications for paragliding pilots (more information at www.mrclimbing.si and www.bigopensky.com).

Peter Miklavčič, designer and founder & paragliding pilot

Photo of SkyGuru designer and founder

Being one of those who are never completely satisfied with the end product or its every detail, I avoided starting my own business for a long time. But eventually, some of my friends convinced me to reconsider.

Probably with a good reason – because as I like both XC flying and hike&fly paragliding, I believe it is time for a new innovative harness design with a compact and lightweight form factor that doesn't compromise safety and offers both flying and hiking comfort.

For this purpose, I collaborated with other pilots to ensure all SkyGuru products offer the best possible comfort and deliver the highest performance. My friends will tease me that SkyGuru is the only paragliding company in the world where the boss tests all the products himself, and I agree it’s quite funny! But I truly hope you will like my designs.

Contact us


MR & Co. d.o.o.

Cesta v Zgornji Log 67

SI - 1000 Ljubljana

Slovenia, European Union

Mobile: +386 31 410 329

Email: info@skyguru.eu


We are opening with the introduction of the first reversible pod harness SkyGuru XC Light series. After the series is complete, including all sizes and required certifications, the company plans to develop an even lighter mountain paragliding harness, called SkyGuru Alpin, with the same safety standards in mind. This should keep us busy for a while.

Development and production

Development and production takes place locally, in Slovenia, EU. We do not and do not intend to outsource our operations to any remote countries, which allows us to ensure a close quality control and compliance with our very demanding requirements.

Thanks to our small scale production, every harness is personally inspected before shipping!